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    [code]/*******************************************************************/ /*** Your Region ***/ /* 1 = Europe */ /* 2 = Oceania */ /* 3 = North America */ /* 4 = Japan */ define('BO_REGION', 1); /*** Main file for creating graphs and images (URL!). ***/ /* You can use relative or absolute (with leading "/") paths: */ /* Only "blitzortung.php" should be ok in most cases. */ /* You can also use http://.../blitzortung.php */ /* */ /* Example: */ /* ==> BO_FILE = "/strikes/blitzortung.php" */ define('BO_FILE', 'blitzortung.php'); /*** No-cookie URL */ /* For faster retrieving of tiles and images */ /* Enter complete URL with http://... */ /* */ /* Example: */ define('BO_FILE_NOCOOKIE', ''); /*******************************************************************/ /*** UTF8-Encoding ***/ /* Most Content-Management-Systems use UTF8-encoding. */ /* Set it to false, when including with php into your */ /* own page and wrong characters appear */ define('BO_UTF8', true); //if strings in your config.php are utf8-encoded, set to true //Note: You have to encode all non-utf strings in templates by yourself //This is only a workaround for later versions, //as saving utf in php files isn't a good idea at all define('BO_CONFIG_IS_UTF8', false); /*******************************************************************/ /*** Update secret ***/ define('BO_UPDATE_SECRET', ''); /*******************************************************************/ /*** Default Port for MySQL ***/ define('BO_DB_PORT', null); /*******************************************************************/ /*** Number of Antennas of your Station ***/ /*** only "1" or "2" is possible ! ***/ define('BO_ANTENNAS', 2); /*******************************************************************/ /*** Some general important stuff ***/ //Default timezone define('BO_TIMEZONE', 'UTC'); //Show timezone in every time define('BO_SHOW_TIMEZONE', false); //Use miles define('BO_IMPERIAL', false); /*******************************************************************/ /*** Copyright footer ***/ /*** your own copyright/web-address in images/graphs/footer ***/ //Text, i.e. 'MyWeatherSite' define('BO_OWN_COPYRIGHT', ''); //Textsize for graphs define('BO_OWN_COPYRIGHT_SIZE', 7); //Text for graphs define('BO_OWN_COPYRIGHT_GRAPHS', ''); //empty string -> use above / false -> disable //Text for maps define('BO_OWN_COPYRIGHT_MAPS', ''); //empty string -> use above / false -> disable /*******************************************************************/ /*** Update intervals (Minutes!) ***/ //strikes update interval define('BO_UP_INTVL_STRIKES', 1); //stations update interval define('BO_UP_INTVL_STATIONS', 15); //signal update interval define('BO_UP_INTVL_RAW', 10); //min interval of external downloads define('BO_UP_INTVL_DOWNLOADS', 5); /*******************************************************************/ /*** Language settings ***/ //main locale define('BO_LOCALE', 'en'); //shows translation in this language, if main language doesn't exist ('en' if nothing is set) define('BO_LOCALE2', ''); //available locales define('BO_LANGUAGES', 'en,de,fr,it,hu,nl,lv,fi'); //show links in the footer define('BO_SHOW_LANGUAGES', true); //show flags define('BO_SHOW_LANG_FLAGS', true); //force selectable languages (BO_LANGUAGES) //otherwise changing the language with "&bo_lang=xx" in URL would be possible define('BO_FORCE_LANGS', false); //force default language in maps (true) //otherwise an extra map for each language will be generated and saved in cache! define('BO_FORCE_MAP_LANG', true); //translate single words that which are longer than given length define('BO_TRANSLATE_SINGLE_WORDS', 0); //redirect so that always the correct "bo_lang=xx" in URL define('BO_LANG_REDIRECT', false); /*******************************************************************/ /*** User / Login ***/ //show the login link at the bottom define('BO_LOGIN_SHOW', true); //allow login to define('BO_LOGIN_ALLOW', 2); //0=nobody, 1=you, 2=all // days where automatic login cookie is valid. set to false to disable auto login define('BO_LOGIN_COOKIE_TIME', 60); /*******************************************************************/ /*** Session handling ***/ //name of session //leave blank, then default PHP (i.e. PHPSESSID) define('BO_SESSION_NAME', ''); //default path of session cookie define('BO_SESSION_COOKIE_PATH', '/'); //lifetime of session cookie (seconds) define('BO_SESSION_COOKIE_LIFETIME', 3600 * 24); //close sessions before output //so the browser use more that one concurrent connection at once //hint: set it to 0 or 1 if you have problems //0: never close (let php do it) //1: late //2: early define('BO_SESSION_CLOSE', 2); //Starts session only if there's a special GET parameter define('BO_SESSION_GET_PARAM', false); /*******************************************************************/ /*** Warn with email if station/tracker sends no signals ***/ //Warnings enabled? define('BO_TRACKER_WARN_ENABLED', true); //Warn after given when no signals were send (plus 60 minutes due to stations.txt statistics) define('BO_TRACKER_WARN_AFTER_HOURS', 1); //resent warning after given hours if problem persists define('BO_TRACKER_WARN_RESEND_HOURS', 12); /*******************************************************************/ /*** Import error handling ***/ // min count, error occured (0 disables reporting) define('BO_UP_ERR_MIN_COUNT', 1); // time in minutes in which the error occurs define('BO_UP_ERR_MIN_MINUTES', 30); // if error persits, send mail max. every defined minutes define('BO_UP_ERR_SEND_INTERVAL', 720); // if new station count is too low -> don't read new data define('BO_UP_STATION_DIFFER', 0.95); /*******************************************************************/ /*** Enable automatic rewriting of status files ***/ /*** See /status/status.cfg for more information ***/ define('BO_ENABLE_STATUS_FILES', false); /*******************************************************************/ /*** URLs ***/ /* These have only to be changed if you use the PHP include */ /* feature. The URLs should end with an "?" if they have no */ /* query */ define('BO_MAP_URL', 'index.php?bo_page=map'); define('BO_ARCHIVE_URL', 'index.php?bo_page=archive'); define('BO_STATISTICS_URL', 'index.php?bo_page=statistics'); define('BO_INFO_URL', 'index.php?bo_page=info'); define('BO_LOGIN_URL', 'index.php?bo_page=login'); /*******************************************************************/ /*** The file cache ***/ //when true, disables caching of maps and map tiles (you should leave it on false!) define('BO_CACHE_DISABLE', false); //create subdirs for faster access (may not work with php safemode ON) define('BO_CACHE_SUBDIRS', true); //cache dir define('BO_CACHE_DIR', 'cache'); //purges tiles when older that specified value (hours) define('BO_CACHE_PURGE_TILES_HOURS', 24); //how often the purge should start (0 = never, 1 = every call, 2 = ever 2nd call...) define('BO_CACHE_PURGE_TILES_RAND', 1000); //purges maps when older that specified value (hours) define('BO_CACHE_PURGE_MAPS_HOURS', 24 * 4); //how often the purge should start (0 = never, 1 = every call, 2 = ever 2nd call...) define('BO_CACHE_PURGE_MAPS_RAND', 1000); //purges density maps when older that specified value (hours) define('BO_CACHE_PURGE_DENS_HOURS', 24 * 10); //how often the purge should start (0 = never, 1 = every call, 2 = ever 2nd call...) define('BO_CACHE_PURGE_DENS_RAND', 1000); //purges other files when older that specified value (hours) define('BO_CACHE_PURGE_OTHER_HOURS', 24); //how often the purge should start (0 = never, 1 = every call, 2 = ever 2nd call...) define('BO_CACHE_PURGE_OTHER_RAND', 100); //try not to use the database //enable for server with high load define('BO_CACHE_FAST', false); // if file is outdated, check the last update time first // if it was before last file-mod time, then set file-mod // to now + (update-interval / divisor) // so the file will be valid again for some time define('BO_CACHE_MOD_UPDATE_DIVISOR', false); //wait given milliseconds if same file is currently processed by another client //set 0 or false to disable define('BO_CACHE_WAIT_SAME_FILE', false); //if option above is enabled and the wait timeout is exeeded, then //output old file from cache to the client, if it's still newer //than given multiplicated with specific update interval //example: given: file is 4min old, update interval is 2min, default value from below used // => 2min*3 = 6min => 4min is smaller than 6min // => old file will be served to the client instead of creating a new one //factor can be a decimal value (i.e. 1.4) define('BO_CACHE_WAIT_SAME_FILE_OLD', 3); //deliver old cache file while creating a new one //user will get a new file without to wait //value is factor for the update interval, in which the old file will still be delivered //factor can be a decimal value (i.e. 1.4) //if file is older, then it will be created new //set 0 or false to disable define('BO_CACHE_CREATE_NEW_DELIVER_OLD', 0); //Log cache info in cache/cache.log define('BO_CACHE_LOG', false); //send cache-control headers to browser for HTML pages //set to a value in seconds //i.e. 60 means, the html page should be held in cache for 1 minute by the browser //set to the minimum update interval (BO_UP_INTVL_STRIKES is 5 --> set to 300) //set 0 or false to disable define('BO_SEND_CACHE_HEADER_HTML', false); /*******************************************************************/ /*** Statistics ***/ // Show GPS Info // You can set your BO_LAT, BO_LON to rough coordinates and // disable this option. So nobody can see your exact position. define('BO_SHOW_GPS_INFO', true); // Map type for GPS info define('BO_STATISTICS_GPS_MAPTYPE', 'HYBRID'); // Map type for GPS info // 0 => fit into window define('BO_STATISTICS_GPS_MAP_ZOOM', 17); // Disable station statistics (for slow servers) define('BO_STATION_STAT_DISABLE', true); // Mark stations offline after specified time with no activity define('BO_STATION_OFFLINE_MINUTES', 15); // Show new stations define('BO_STATISTICS_SHOW_NEW_STATIONS', 0); // Show stations under construction define('BO_STATISTICS_SHOW_STATIONS_UNDER_CONSTR', 1); // Statistics for all station define('BO_STATISTICS_ALL_STATIONS', 0); // 0 = disable, 1 = with specific link, 2 = links from table for everyone // Map type for station-statistic page define('BO_STATISTICS_STATION_MAPTYPE', 'HYBRID'); // Default order of stations table // possible values: country,city,strikes,signals,signals_ratio,efficiency,distance define('BO_STATISTICS_STATIONS_SORT', 'distance'); //Time-ranges for network statistics (1h is always present) define('BO_STATISTICS_NETWORK_RANGES', ''); //hours, comma separated //Pre defined distances for region select box define('BO_DISTANCES_REGION', '10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 750, 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000'); //Update "offline hours counter" only if station was online some time before (hours) define('BO_STATISTICS_COUNT_OFFLINE_AFTER_MIN_ONLINE_HOURS', 96); /*******************************************************************/ /*** Image Maps: General settings ***/ // order your maps, comma separated ids like "4,2,12,34,2,0" define('BO_MAPS_ORDER', ''); //use true color images for internal drawing //gives nicer transparency effects - higer CPU usage and bigger files size define('BO_IMAGE_USE_TRUECOLOR', true); //use truecolor images for drawing transparent images define('BO_IMAGE_USE_TRUECOLOR_TRANSPARENT', false); //use palette images for MAPS with defined colors for output (0 disables) // --> reduces colors to defined for smaller file sizes // may cause some problems with colors on different images!!! define('BO_IMAGE_PALETTE_COLORS_MAPS', 256); //use palette images for DENSITY MAPS with defined colors for output (0 disables) // --> reduces colors to defined for smaller file sizes define('BO_IMAGE_PALETTE_COLORS_DENSITIES', 0); //use palette images for TRANSPARENT MAPS with defined colors for output (0 disables) // --> reduces colors to defined for smaller file sizes define('BO_IMAGE_PALETTE_COLORS_TRANSPARENT', 0); //automatically use true color if colorcount in palette image is above 256 //set BO_IMAGE_PALETTE_COLORS_MAPS to 256 //you will automatically get the smallest file, but also truecolor images when needed define('BO_IMAGE_PALETTE_AUTO', true); //PNG compression: the highter the slower!!! define('BO_IMAGE_PNG_COMPRESSION', 7); //Set it to PNG_ALL_FILTERS for better compression (doesn't seem to make any difference) define('BO_IMAGE_PNG_FILTERS', PNG_NO_FILTER); //Jpeg Quality 100 = best define('BO_IMAGE_JPEG_QUALITY', 90); // automatic update off by default define('BO_MAPS_AUTOUPDATE_DEFAULTON', true); //archived images: when should the image expire define('BO_MAPS_ARCHIVE_EXPIRE_SEC', 3600); /*******************************************************************/ /*** Fonts: General settings ***/ // normal truetype font file define('BO_FONT_TTF_NORMAL', 'fonts/DejaVuSans.ttf'); // normal bold font file define('BO_FONT_TTF_BOLD', 'fonts/DejaVuSans-Bold.ttf'); // mono truetype font file define('BO_FONT_TTF_MONO', 'fonts/DejaVuSansMono.ttf'); // set to false if fonts in pictures do not work define('BO_FONT_USE_FREETYPE2', true); /*******************************************************************/ /*** Dynamic Map: General settings ***/ /* Appearance of the dynamic map, colors, icons etc. */ /*** WARNING ***/ /*** Do not raise the following two values, ***/ /*** otherwise autolinking will not work! ***/ // (kilometers) limits strike display to radius around station define('BO_RADIUS', 50); // (kilometers) radius for statistics define('BO_RADIUS_STAT', 50); // when zoom reaches this level, strike display is limited to max. distance around station (BO_RADIUS) define('BO_MAX_ZOOM_LIMIT', 8); //Completely disable the dynamic map define('BO_MAP_DISABLE', false); // default zoom level define('BO_DEFAULT_ZOOM', 7); // default zoom level for archive define('BO_DEFAULT_ZOOM_ARCHIVE', 10); // max. zoom level for guest, even in the area of your station define('BO_MAX_ZOOM_IN', 12); // minimal zoom level for guests define('BO_MIN_ZOOM_OUT', 4); // max. zoom level for users define('BO_MAX_ZOOM_IN_USER', 14); // minimal zoom level for users define('BO_MIN_ZOOM_OUT_USER', 2); // the default map style (you can also use satellite, hybrid, street) define('BO_DEFAULT_MAP', 'TERRAIN'); // if you want another lat,lon for your radius area define('BO_MAP_LAT', 0); define('BO_MAP_LON', 0); //some default colors and sizes define('BO_MAP_CIRCLE_COLOR_LINE', '#FF0000'); define('BO_MAP_CIRCLE_OPAC_LINE', '0.8'); define('BO_MAP_CIRCLE_STROKE_LINE', 1); define('BO_MAP_CIRCLE_COLOR_FILL', '#FF0000'); define('BO_MAP_CIRCLE_OPAC_FILL', '0.05'); define('BO_MAP_CIRCLE_SHOW_ZOOM', 0); //displaying of strikes define('BO_MAP_STRIKE_SHOW_CIRCLE_ZOOM', 7); define('BO_MAP_STRIKE_SHOW_DEVIATION_ZOOM', 12); define('BO_MAP_STRIKE_SIZE', 3); define('BO_MAP_STRIKE_CIRCLE_SIZE', 4); define('BO_MAP_STRIKE_CIRCLE_GROW', 0.6); define('BO_MAP_MAX_STRIKES_PER_TILE', 50000); //some other values, sizes etc... define('BO_MAP_STATION_ICON', ''); define('BO_MAP_STATION_ICON2', ''); define('BO_MAP_LEGEND_WIDTH', 80); define('BO_MAP_LEGEND_HEIGHT', 10); //only colorbar define('BO_MAP_LEGEND_FONTSIZE', 2); //no TTF! define('BO_MAP_NA_FONTSIZE', 9); define('BO_MAP_COUNT_FONTSIZE', 8); define('BO_MAP_COUNT_FONTBOLD', true); define('BO_MAP_COUNT_STATIONS', 15); //Manual time ranges define('BO_MAP_MANUAL_TIME_ENABLE', false); //enables for guests define('BO_MAP_MANUAL_TIME_MAX_HOURS', 6); //max. hours between start and end (YOU can always access as much as you want - be careful!) //MyBlitzortung Stations display define('BO_MAP_MYBO_CIRCLE_COLOR_LINE', '#0000FF'); define('BO_MAP_MYBO_CIRCLE_OPAC_LINE', '0.8'); define('BO_MAP_MYBO_CIRCLE_COLOR_FILL', '#0000FF'); define('BO_MAP_MYBO_CIRCLE_OPAC_FILL', '0.05'); define('BO_MAP_MYBO_ICON', ''); //Version of Google Maps API define('BO_GMAP_API_VERSION', '3.8'); //Google Maps additional parameters // - API Key: &key={key} // - Sensor: &sensor={false|true} <-- must be included! define('BO_GMAP_PARAM', 'sensor=false'); //Allow selection of stations define('BO_MAP_STATION_SELECT', false); //reloads whole map page when user didn't make any activities //and is active again after defined interval (minutes) //good when you use visitor counters define('BO_MAP_PAGE_RELOAD_INACTIVITY', 0); //Allow auto update //set to a value in minutes, //then auto update ends when user didn't make any activities //set to a very high value like 99999999 to "disable" auto-end define('BO_MAP_AUTOUPDATE', 99999999); //displays message if autoupdate ends due to timeout define('BO_MAP_AUTOUPDATE_STALL_MSG', true); //reload whole page after autoupdate-stalled message define('BO_MAP_AUTOUPDATE_STALL_RELOAD', false); /*******************************************************************/ /*** Calculate tracks ***/ /* WARNING: This is currently very expermintal. */ /* It may slow down your server! */ //scan time in minutes (set to 0 to disable tracks) define('BO_TRACKS_SCANTIME', 0); //update tracks every x minutes define('BO_UP_INTVL_TRACKS', 5); //divide the scantime into given intervals (minimum 2 for tracks) define('BO_TRACKS_DIVISOR', 2); //kilometers define('BO_TRACKS_RADIUS_SEARCH_STRIKES', 10); define('BO_TRACKS_RADIUS_SEARCH_NGBR_CELLS', 30); define('BO_TRACKS_RADIUS_SEARCH_OLD_CELLS', 30); //display of cells/tracks define('BO_TRACKS_MAP_OPACITY', 0.7); define('BO_TRACKS_MAP_ZOOM_MIN', 6); define('BO_TRACKS_MAP_ZOOM_MAX', 10); define('BO_TRACKS_MAP_ZOOM_INFO', 7); define('BO_TRACKS_MAP_TIME_FORCAST', 60); define('BO_TRACKS_MAP_MIN_STRIKES_DISPLAY', 10); define('BO_TRACKS_SHOW_UNTRACKED', false); /*******************************************************************/ /*** Archive ***/ //Completely disables archive define('BO_DISABLE_ARCHIVE', false); //Enables archive (maps by date and animations) for guests define('BO_ENABLE_ARCHIVE_MAPS', false); //Enables densities for guests (set the also BO_CALC_DENSITIES option to true) define('BO_ENABLE_DENSITIES', false); //Enables strike search define('BO_ENABLE_ARCHIVE_SEARCH', true); //Enable signal page define('BO_ENABLE_ARCHIVE_SIGNALS', true); //Calculates Densities define('BO_CALC_DENSITIES', false); //Calculates Densities for current year/month define('BO_CALC_DENSITIES_CURRENT', true); //Calculates Densities for current year/month also for other stations than yours define('BO_CALC_DENSITIES_CURRENT_ALL', false); //Calculates Densities for given stations ids, separated by comma //otherwise only general densitiy and your densitiy will be calculated //set to 'all' to calculate for all stations define('BO_DENSITY_STATIONS', ''); //When displaying densities, group max values (higher =>more grouping, 0=no) define('BO_DENSITIES_GROUP_MAX', 30); //maximum no. of strikes displayed when searching for them define('BO_ARCHIVE_SEARCH_STRIKECOUNT', 10); //default radius for strike search in kilometers define('BO_ARCHIVE_SEARCH_RADIUS_DEFAULT', 10); //show the spectrum for each signal in table define('BO_ARCHIVE_SHOW_SPECTRUM', true); //show the xy plot for each signal in table define('BO_ARCHIVE_SHOW_XY', true); //entries in strike table per page define('BO_ARCHIVE_TABLE_PER_PAGE', 10); //Strike details define('BO_ARCHIVE_STR_DETAILS_LINECOLOR', '6f64'); define('BO_ARCHIVE_STR_DETAILS_LINECOLOR_NOCALC', 'fa09'); define('BO_ARCHIVE_STR_DETAILS_DEFAULT_POINT', 'stations_strikedetails'); define('BO_ARCHIVE_STR_DETAILS_DEFAULT_POINT_STATION_CALC', 'stations_strikedetails_calc'); define('BO_ARCHIVE_STR_DETAILS_HYPCOLOR', 'f7f7'); define('BO_ARCHIVE_STR_DETAILS_STATION_COUNT_CALC', 4); //Static map define('BO_SMAP_MAX_RANGE', 24); //Maximum time range bewteen start and end time (hours) define('BO_SMAP_MIN_RANGE', 15); //Maximum time range bewteen start and end time (minutes) define('BO_SMAP_RANGE_STEP', 6); //Step time in select box (hours) //Animations (not the gif-animations!) define('BO_ANIMATIONS_INTERVAL', 15); //Time in minutes between two frames - 0 disables animations define('BO_ANIMATIONS_STRIKE_TIME', 120); //Time range of displayed strikes per frame define('BO_ANIMATIONS_DEFAULT_RANGE', 2); //Default time range bewteen start and end time (hours) define('BO_ANIMATIONS_MAX_RANGE', 24); //Maximum time range bewteen start and end time (hours) define('BO_ANIMATIONS_WAITTIME', 100); //Wait time between frames during animation (milliseconds) define('BO_ANIMATIONS_WAITTIME_END', 1000); //Wait at the and of a loop (milliseconds) define('BO_ANIMATIONS_RANGE_STEP', 1); //Step time in select box (hours) //Animation of the strike locating, default count of pics (0 = disable) define('BO_ARCHIVE_STRIKE_INFO_ANIM', 20); /*******************************************************************/ /*** Automatic Data-Purging ***/ //completely enable/disable define('BO_PURGE_ENABLE', true); //main interval in hours define('BO_PURGE_MAIN_INTVL', 6); //optimizes table if deleted rows are bigger than value (0 disables) define('BO_PURGE_OPTIMIZE_TABLES', 0); // min-age in hours, 0 disables define('BO_PURGE_SIG_NS', 24); //signals with no strike assigned define('BO_PURGE_SIG_ALL', 192); //all signals define('BO_PURGE_STR_NP', 0); //strikes not participated define('BO_PURGE_STR_ALL', 0); //all strikes define('BO_PURGE_STR_DIST', 0); //strikes farther than BO_PURGE_STR_DIST_KM define('BO_PURGE_STRSTA_ALL', 24); //strike <-> stations table (very important!) define('BO_PURGE_STA_OTHER', 96); //station statistics: other (not yours) define('BO_PURGE_STA_ALL', 0); //station statistics: all define('BO_PURGE_STR_DIST_KM', 2000); //distance for BO_PURGE_STR_DIST in kilometers /*******************************************************************/ /*** Database Keys for strike table ***/ /* */ /* You should enable them if you want to make an archive */ /* -> faster search and drawing, but more disk-usage */ //completely enable/disable define('BO_DB_EXTRA_KEYS', false); //bytes for time-key (0 = disable) define('BO_DB_EXTRA_KEYS_TIME_BYTES', 2); //time key starts at given date define('BO_DB_EXTRA_KEYS_TIME_START', '2011-01-01 00:00:00 UTC'); //divisor for time -> count value every x minutes // -> 2bytes and 30min lasts for 3.7years define('BO_DB_EXTRA_KEYS_TIME_DIV_MINUTES', 30); //bytes for each lat and lon key (0 = disable) define('BO_DB_EXTRA_KEYS_LATLON_BYTES', 1); //key repeats every x degrees // finer values -> higher resolution // set to ~ "height" of your region define('BO_DB_EXTRA_KEYS_LAT_DIV', 30); //divisor for longitude // finer values -> higher resolution // set to ~ "width" of your region define('BO_DB_EXTRA_KEYS_LON_DIV', 30); /*******************************************************************/ /*** Strike alerts ***/ //completely enable/disable define('BO_ALERTS', true); //check every given minutes define('BO_ALERT_CHECK_INTERVAL', 15); //after sending an alert, miniumum time to wait for next alert (minutes) define('BO_ALERT_SEND_INTERVAL', 45); /*******************************************************************/ /*** E-Mail settings ***/ //From header //Example: "MyBlitzortung <>" define('BO_EMAIL_FROM', ""); //additional email headers define('BO_EMAIL_HEADERS', ""); //use SMTP // You have to upload phpmailer-files into "includes/phpmailer" // URL: define('BO_EMAIL_SMTP', false); //SMTP settings define('BO_EMAIL_SMTP_SERVER', ''); define('BO_EMAIL_SMTP_PORT', 25); //or use 587 define('BO_EMAIL_SMTP_USERNAME', ''); define('BO_EMAIL_SMTP_PASSWORD', ''); define('BO_EMAIL_SMTP_SECURE', ''); // set to 'tls' or 'ssl' for secure connections /*******************************************************************/ /*** SMS-Gateway URL ***/ /* Leave it blank, if you don't want to use that feature. */ /* - {text} will be replaced by the message text */ /* - {tel} will be replaced by the telephone number */ /* Some examples. Of course you have to register yourself at the gateway provider and change USER/PASS to your values! */ /* -{tel}&message={text}&from=MyBO&route=gold */ /* -{tel}&text={text}&type=quality&from=MyBO */ /* -{tel}&text={text}&type=4 */ define('BO_SMS_GATEWAY_URL', ''); //do not edit here, put it in config.php file!!! /*******************************************************************/ /*** Experimental Polarity ***/ //enable the experiment 😉 //be sure to "calibrate" your antennas in the user area //the electrical orientation is important! define('BO_EXPERIMENTAL_POLARITY_CHECK', false); //maximum distance in kilometers from your station where polarities //should be not too far, as polarity of the wave changes //after some hundrets of kilometers define('BO_EXPERIMENTAL_POLARITY_MAX_DIST', 300); //polarity is displayed beginning from given zoom-level define('BO_EXPERIMENTAL_POLARITY_ZOOM', 8); //size of the +/- symbol in strike on map define('BO_MAP_STRIKE_POLARITY_SIZE', 5); //size of the circle symbol in strike on map if polarity is unknown define('BO_MAP_STRIKE_POLARITY_SIZE_UNKNOWN', 5); /*******************************************************************/ /*** Graphs ***/ /* You can change the appearance of almost ever graph */ /* individually (color, lines, size etc...) */ //nicer graphs, but no thick lines define('BO_GRAPH_ANTIALIAS', false); /***********************/ /*** Raw Data Graphs ***/ //width, height define('BO_GRAPH_RAW_W', 200); define('BO_GRAPH_RAW_H', 100); //spectrum settings define('BO_GRAPH_RAW_SPEC_WIDTH', 1); define('BO_GRAPH_RAW_SPEC_MAX_X', 160); //kHz define('BO_GRAPH_RAW_SPEC_MAX_Y', 7); //width, height when displaying all graphs to a stroke define('BO_GRAPH_RAW_W2', 350); define('BO_GRAPH_RAW_H2', 160); //width, height when displaying single big graph define('BO_GRAPH_RAW_W_BIG', 1000); define('BO_GRAPH_RAW_H_BIG', 500); //max. time in µs for displaying all graphs to a stroke define('BO_GRAPH_RAW_MAX_TIME2', 350); //Colors define('BO_GRAPH_RAW_COLOR1', '#f00@0.5'); define('BO_GRAPH_RAW_COLOR2', '#0f0@0.5'); define('BO_GRAPH_RAW_COLOR3', '#800@0.6'); define('BO_GRAPH_RAW_COLOR_XY', '#00f@0.6'); define('BO_GRAPH_RAW_COLOR_BOX', '#d0d0d0'); define('BO_GRAPH_RAW_COLOR_BACK', '#fff'); define('BO_GRAPH_RAW_COLOR_MARGIN','#fff'); define('BO_GRAPH_RAW_COLOR_FRAME', '#fff'); define('BO_GRAPH_RAW_COLOR_XGRID', '#eee'); define('BO_GRAPH_RAW_COLOR_YGRID', '#eee'); define('BO_GRAPH_RAW_COLOR_XAXIS', '#666'); define('BO_GRAPH_RAW_COLOR_YAXIS', '#666'); /************************/ /*** Statistics Graph ***/ /*** (main settings for all graphs) ***/ //time settings // interval between each data point define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STRIKES_ADV_GROUP_MINUTES', 30); //default time reviews (hours) define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_HOURS_BACK', "24,6,12,48,72,96"); //max. review time for non-loggedin (hours) define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_HOURS_BACK_MAX', 96); //default review time for station graph (days) define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_DAYS_BACK', "3,7,14,30"); //max. review time for station graph for non-loggedin (hours) define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_DAYS_BACK_MAX', 30); //max. distance (km) define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_MAX_DISTANCE', 5000); //main appearance define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_W', 550); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_H', 300); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_COLOR0', '#f00@0.5'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_COLOR1', '#f00@0.5'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_COLOR2', '#0f0@0.5'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_COLOR3', '#800@0.6'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_COLOR_BOX', '#d0d0d0'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_COLOR_BACK', '#fff'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_COLOR_CAPTION', '#666'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_COLOR_MARGIN','#fff'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_COLOR_FRAME', '#fff'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_COLOR_XGRID', '#eee'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_COLOR_YGRID', '#eee'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_COLOR_XAXIS', '#666'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_COLOR_YAXIS', '#666'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_COLOR_XAXIS_TITLE', '#666'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_COLOR_YAXIS_TITLE', '#666'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_COLOR_LEGEND_FILL', '#fff@1'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_COLOR_LEGEND_TEXT', '#666'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_COLOR_LEGEND_FRAME', '#fff@1'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_COLOR_TITLE', '#666'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_FONTSIZE_TITLE', 8); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_FONTSIZE_XAXIS', 7); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_FONTSIZE_YAXIS', 7); //Grouping of values by time for different time periods (hours) define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_GROUP_NONE', 7*24); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_GROUP_HOURLY', 20*24); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_GROUP_6HOURLY', 50*24); /*** Statistics Graph (individual settings for each graph) ***/ //Statistics-Graph: Strikes (now) define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STRIKES_NOW_COLOR_L1', '#55f@1'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STRIKES_NOW_COLOR_F1', '#ccf@0'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STRIKES_NOW_WIDTH_1', 1); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STRIKES_NOW_COLOR_L2', '#66f@1'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STRIKES_NOW_COLOR_F2', '#99f@0'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STRIKES_NOW_WIDTH_2', 1); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STRIKES_NOW_GROUP_MINUTES', 15); //Statistics-Graph: Strikes (Month, Year) define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STRIKES_TIME_COLOR_L1', '#00f@1'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STRIKES_TIME_COLOR_F1', '#99f@0.2'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STRIKES_TIME_COLOR_L2', '#00f@1'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STRIKES_TIME_COLOR_F2', '#99f@0.6'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STRIKES_TIME_WIDTH', 0.5); //Statistics-Graph: Strikes (Station) define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STR_COLOR_L1', '#99f@1'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STR_COLOR_F1', '#ccf@0.2'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STR_WIDTH_1', 1); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STR_COLOR_L2', '#00f@1'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STR_COLOR_F2', '#99f@0.3'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STR_WIDTH_2', 2); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STR_COLOR_L3', '#00f@0.1'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STR_COLOR_F3', false); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STR_WIDTH_3', 1); //Statistics-Graph: Signals define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_SIG_COLOR_L1', '#fa0@1'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_SIG_COLOR_F1', '#fa0@0.8'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_SIG_WIDTH_1', 1); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_SIG_COLOR_L2', '#fc3@0.2'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_SIG_COLOR_F2', false); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_SIG_WIDTH_2', 2); //Statistics-Graph: Distance define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_DIST_COLOR_L1', '#fa0@1'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_DIST_COLOR_F1', '#397@0.8'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_DIST_WIDTH_1', 1); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_DIST_COLOR_L2', '#077@0.3'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_DIST_COLOR_F2', false); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_DIST_WIDTH_2', 2); //Statistics-Graph: Ratio define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_RAT_COLOR_L1', '#fa0@0.9'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_RAT_COLOR_F1', '#fa0@0.7'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_RAT_WIDTH_1', 1); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_RAT_COLOR_L2', '#fa0@0.5'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_RAT_COLOR_F2', false); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_RAT_WIDTH_2', 2); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_RAT_COLOR_L3', '#88f@0.9'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_RAT_COLOR_F3', '#88f@0.7'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_RAT_WIDTH_3', 1); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_RAT_COLOR_L4', '#00f@0.5'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_RAT_COLOR_F4', false); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_RAT_WIDTH_4', 2); //Statistics-Graph: Stations define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STA_COLOR_L1', '#c00@0.98'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STA_COLOR_F1', '#c00@0.85'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STA_WIDTH_1', 1); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STA_COLOR_L2', '#fa0@0.1'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STA_WIDTH_2', 1); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STA_COLOR_L3', '#0cc@0.90'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STA_COLOR_F3', '#0cc@0.85'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STA_WIDTH_3', 1); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STA_COLOR_L4', '#0ac@0.1'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STA_WIDTH_4', 1); //Statistics-Graph: Distance-Ratio define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_RATIO_DIST_DIV', 20); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_RATIO_DIST_LINE', false); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_RATIO_DIST_COLOR_L1', '#00f@1'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_RATIO_DIST_COLOR_F1', '#ada@0.2'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_RATIO_DIST_WIDTH1', 1.2); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_RATIO_DIST_COLOR_L2', '#22f@0.8'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_RATIO_DIST_COLOR_F2', '#22f@0.95'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_RATIO_DIST_WIDTH2', 1); //Statistics-Graph: Bearing-Ratio define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_RATIO_BEAR_DIV', 5); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_RATIO_BEAR_LINE', false); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_RATIO_BEAR_COLOR_L1', '#00f@1'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_RATIO_BEAR_COLOR_F1', '#ada@0.2'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_RATIO_BEAR_WIDTH1', 1.2); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_RATIO_BEAR_COLOR_L2', '#22f@0.8'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_RATIO_BEAR_COLOR_F2', '#22f@0.95'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_RATIO_BEAR_WIDTH2', 1); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_RATIO_BEAR_WINDROSE', true); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_RATIO_BEAR_WINDROSE_SIZE', 550); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_RATIO_BEAR_WINDROSE_COLOR_BACKGROUND', 'fff'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_RATIO_BEAR_WINDROSE_COLOR1', 'cec'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_RATIO_BEAR_WINDROSE_COLOR2', '99f'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_RATIO_BEAR_WINDROSE_COUNT_WIDTH', 3); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_RATIO_BEAR_WINDROSE_ANTENNA_WIDTH', 2); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_RATIO_BEAR_WINDROSE_ANTENNA1_COLOR', 'f00'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_RATIO_BEAR_WINDROSE_ANTENNA2_COLOR', '0d0'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_RATIO_BEAR_WINDROSE_TITLE_SIZE', 0.45); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_RATIO_BEAR_WINDROSE_TITLE_COLOR', '000'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_RATIO_BEAR_WINDROSE_NUMBERS_SIZE', 0.4); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_RATIO_BEAR_WINDROSE_NUMBERS_COLOR1', '060'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_RATIO_BEAR_WINDROSE_NUMBERS_COLOR2', '00f'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_RATIO_BEAR_WINDROSE_NUMBERS_ANGLE1', 30); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_RATIO_BEAR_WINDROSE_NUMBERS_ANGLE2', 200); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_RATIO_BEAR_WINDROSE_FONTSIZE_BEAR', 0.7); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_RATIO_BEAR_WINDROSE_FONTSIZE_OTHER', 0.4); //Statistics-Graph: Strikes by no. of participants define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_PARTICIPANTS_COLOR_L1', '#00f@1'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_PARTICIPANTS_COLOR_F1', '#66f@0'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_PARTICIPANTS_COLOR_L2', '#00f@1'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_PARTICIPANTS_COLOR_F2', '#aaf@0'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_PARTICIPANTS_WIDTH', 2); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_PARTICIPANTS_COLOR_L3', '#c0f@0.6'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_PARTICIPANTS_COLOR_F3', false); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_PARTICIPANTS_WIDTH2', 1); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_PARTICIPANTS_LOG', true); //Statistics-Graph: Strikes with specific participants define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STRIKES_PARTICIPANTS_COLOR_L1', '#d00@0.4'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STRIKES_PARTICIPANTS_COLOR_F1', false); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STRIKES_PARTICIPANTS_WIDTH_1', 1); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STRIKES_PARTICIPANTS_COLOR_L2', '#f66@0.4'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STRIKES_PARTICIPANTS_COLOR_F2', false); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STRIKES_PARTICIPANTS_WIDTH_2', 1); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STRIKES_PARTICIPANTS_COLOR_L3', '#00f@0.9'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STRIKES_PARTICIPANTS_COLOR_F3', '#55f@0.9'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STRIKES_PARTICIPANTS_WIDTH_3', 0); //Statistics-Graph: Strikes with participants define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STRIKES_PARTICIPANTS_AVG_COLOR_L1', '#f00@0.4'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STRIKES_PARTICIPANTS_AVG_COLOR_F1', false); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STRIKES_PARTICIPANTS_AVG_WIDTH_1', 2); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STRIKES_PARTICIPANTS_AVG_COLOR_L2', '#f60@0.4'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STRIKES_PARTICIPANTS_AVG_COLOR_F2', false); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STRIKES_PARTICIPANTS_AVG_WIDTH_2', 1); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STRIKES_PARTICIPANTS_AVG_COLOR_L3', '#00f@0.9'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STRIKES_PARTICIPANTS_AVG_COLOR_F3', '#55f@0.9'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STRIKES_PARTICIPANTS_AVG_WIDTH_3', 0); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STRIKES_PARTICIPANTS_AVG_GROUP_MINUTES', 15); //Statistics-Graph: Strikes by deviations define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_DEVIATIONS_COLOR_L1', '#00f@1'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_DEVIATIONS_COLOR_F1', '#66f@0'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_DEVIATIONS_COLOR_L2', '#00f@1'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_DEVIATIONS_COLOR_F2', '#aaf@0.4'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_DEVIATIONS_WIDTH', 2); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_DEVIATIONS_COLOR_L3', '#c0f@0'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_DEVIATIONS_COLOR_F3', false); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_DEVIATIONS_WIDTH2', 1); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_DEVIATIONS_LOG', false); //Statistics-Graph: Strikes with specific deviations define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STRIKES_DEVIATIONS_COLOR_L1', '#d00@0.4'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STRIKES_DEVIATIONS_COLOR_F1', false); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STRIKES_DEVIATIONS_WIDTH_1', 1); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STRIKES_DEVIATIONS_COLOR_L2', '#f66@0.4'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STRIKES_DEVIATIONS_COLOR_F2', false); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STRIKES_DEVIATIONS_WIDTH_2', 1); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STRIKES_DEVIATIONS_COLOR_L3', '#00f@0.9'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STRIKES_DEVIATIONS_COLOR_F3', '#55f@0.9'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STRIKES_DEVIATIONS_WIDTH_3', 0); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STRIKES_DEVIATIONS_GROUP_MINUTES', 15); //Statistics-Graph: Strikes with average deviations define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STRIKES_DEVIATIONS_AVG_COLOR_L1', '#f00@0.4'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STRIKES_DEVIATIONS_AVG_COLOR_F1', false); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STRIKES_DEVIATIONS_AVG_WIDTH_1', 2); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STRIKES_DEVIATIONS_AVG_COLOR_L2', '#f60@0.4'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STRIKES_DEVIATIONS_AVG_COLOR_F2', false); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STRIKES_DEVIATIONS_AVG_WIDTH_2', 1); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STRIKES_DEVIATIONS_AVG_COLOR_L3', '#00f@0.9'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STRIKES_DEVIATIONS_AVG_COLOR_F3', '#55f@0.9'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STRIKES_DEVIATIONS_AVG_WIDTH_3', 0); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_STRIKES_DEVIATIONS_AVG_GROUP_MINUTES', 15); //Statistics-Graph: Evaluated Signals define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_EVALUATED_SIGNALS_COLOR_L1', '#fa0@0.3'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_EVALUATED_SIGNALS_COLOR_F1', false); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_EVALUATED_SIGNALS_WIDTH_1', 2); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_EVALUATED_SIGNALS_COLOR_L2', '#f0f@0.3'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_EVALUATED_SIGNALS_COLOR_F2', false); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_EVALUATED_SIGNALS_WIDTH_2', 1); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_EVALUATED_SIGNALS_COLOR_L3', '#0a0@1'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_EVALUATED_SIGNALS_COLOR_F3', '#33f@0.9'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_EVALUATED_SIGNALS_WIDTH_3', 1); //Statistics-Graph: Spectrums define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_SPECTRUM_COLOR1', '#f55@0.5'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_SPECTRUM_COLOR2', '#5f5@0.5'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_SPECTRUM_WIDTH1', 2); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_SPECTRUM_WIDTH2', 0.6); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_SPECTRUM_COLOR3', '#c00@0.3'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_SPECTRUM_WIDTH3', 2); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_SPECTRUM_COLOR4', '#0c0@0.3'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_SPECTRUM_WIDTH4', 2); //Statistics-Graph: Empl/Freq by time define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_SIGNALS_TIME_COLOR_L1A', '#e22@0.5'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_SIGNALS_TIME_COLOR_F1A', false); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_SIGNALS_TIME_WIDTH_1A', 2); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_SIGNALS_TIME_COLOR_L2A', '#2f2@0.5'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_SIGNALS_TIME_COLOR_F2A', false); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_SIGNALS_TIME_WIDTH_2A', 2); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_SIGNALS_TIME_COLOR_L1B', '#f99@0.9'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_SIGNALS_TIME_COLOR_F1B', '#f55@0.8'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_SIGNALS_TIME_WIDTH_1B', 1); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_SIGNALS_TIME_COLOR_L2B', '#9f9@0.9'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_SIGNALS_TIME_COLOR_F2B', '#5f5@0.8'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_SIGNALS_TIME_WIDTH_2B', 1); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_SIGNALS_TIME_COLOR_L3', '#f0f@0.9'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_SIGNALS_TIME_COLOR_F3', '#f0f@0.95'); define('BO_GRAPH_STAT_SIGNALS_TIME_WIDTH_3', 1); /*******************************************************************/ /*** Some special/expert settings ***/ /*** You shouldn't change them unless you know what you're doing ***/ //Default socket timeout define('BO_SOCKET_TIMEOUT', 40); //set max time in pictures to age of latest calculated strike //if within given minutes from now define('BO_LATEST_STRIKE_TIME_CALC', 8); // Fuzzy strike update to avoid duplicates define('BO_UP_STRIKES_FUZZY_NSEC', 400000); define('BO_UP_STRIKES_FUZZY_KM', 50); // Timeouts (Seconds) // If you your station sends a lot of signals or strike rate is very high // and not all strikes are displayed set BO_UP_MAX_TIME higher (i.e 120) // and lower BO_UP_MAX_SLEEP (i.e. 5). define('BO_UP_MAX_TIME', 55); // max. exec time define('BO_UP_MAX_SLEEP', 30); // max. sleep time in seconds before importing // set to true, if you want to use "file_get_contents" // you wouldn't be able to use partial downloads with setting "true"! define('BO_USE_PHPURLWRAPPER', false); // use experimental mysql key for faster strike search // by time *and* latlon define('BO_DB_USE_LATLON_TIME_INDEX', false); //enable longtime statistics for all stations //causes a LOT OF more load during importing define('BO_ENABLE_LONGTIME_ALL', false); //don't use a default (your) station //makes sense when you use another region than yours //you may set the following settings // BO_LAT/BO_LON to a custom location // BO_UP_INTVL_RAW -> 0 // BO_ENABLE_LONGTIME_ALL -> true // BO_MAX_ZOOM_IN -> 8 // BO_RADIUS -> 0 define('BO_NO_DEFAULT_STATION', false); //argument that specifies language define('BO_LANG_ARGUMENT', 'bo_lang'); //max length of query string (currently only for bulk inserts) define('BO_DB_MAX_QUERY_LEN', 50000); //low priority updates for some update queries define('BO_DB_UPDATE_LOW_PRIORITY', false); //compression for the "conf" table (mainly used for statistics) //can speed up import of data //note: immediately after enabling this setting, login to user area as admin //a update is needed! define('BO_DB_COMPRESSION', false); /*******************************************************************/ /*** Some special settings which shouldn't be changed ***/ //Import server settings //Todo: more flexible define("BO_IMPORT_SERVER", ''); define("BO_IMPORT_PATH", 'Data_%d/Protected/'); define("BO_IMPORT_PATH_PARTICIPANTS", 'participants.txt'); define("BO_IMPORT_PATH_STRIKES", 'strikes.txt'); define("BO_IMPORT_PATH_STATIONS", 'stations.txt'); define("BO_IMPORT_PATH_RAW", 'raw_data/'); //Tile dimensions (pixels) define("BO_TILE_SIZE", 512); //Tile dimensions for strike counter define("BO_TILE_SIZE_COUNT", 512); //timeout for tile creating define("BO_TILE_CREATION_TIMEOUT", 5); //multiplicator for tile interval define("BO_TILE_UPDATE_MULTI", 1); //subtract minutes from tile time define("BO_TILE_UPDATE_SUB", 3); //Min and max count of participants - values are only used if //automatic getting from participants.txt failed define('BO_MIN_PARTICIPANTS', 6); define('BO_MAX_PARTICIPANTS', 12); //max. signal level define('BO_MAX_VOLTAGE', 2.5); //trigger voltage define('BO_TRIGGER_VOLTAGE', 0.45); //search interval for strike -> signal matching for foreign stations define('BO_STR2SIG_INTERVAL_OTHERS', 4000); //µs //data in participants.txt can change for strikes younger //than given minutes define('BO_MIN_MINUTES_STRIKE_CONFIRMED', 0); //needed for auto linking stations define('BO_LINK_HOST', ''); define('BO_LINK_URL', '/blitzortung/bo.php'); //for finding signal to strike define('BO_STR2SIG_C', 299792458); //speed of light define('BO_STR2SIG_FUZZ_SEC', 0.00001); //minimum fuzzy-seconds define('BO_STR2SIG_FUZZ_SECM', 0.0001); //fuzzy-seconds per meter define('BO_STR2SIG_FUZZ_OFFSET', 0); //fuzzy offset define('BO_STR2SIG_TRIGGER_FACTOR', 0.9); //factor for BO_TRIGGER_VOLTAGE //speed of light for runtime in archive table (and perhaps other display) define('BO_C', 299792458); // uses c/1.000198 //finding no of min participants / no of max. participants for calculation define('BO_FIND_MIN_PARTICIPANTS_HOURS', 2); //update and search intervall for min participants define('BO_FIND_MIN_PARTICIPANTS_COUNT', 4); //how often a new value has to be present to be saved define('BO_FIND_MAX_PARTICIPANTS_HOURS', 24); //update and search intervall for max participants //when station deleted -> assign a new unique id from defined value and up (MySQL UNSIGNED SMALLINT!) define('BO_DELETED_STATION_MIN_ID', 50000); //delete station from database if it isn't in stations.txt any more last_data was more than given days before define('BO_DELETE_STATION_DAYS', 7); //draws nicer circles //0: off //1: on //2: auto-fallback to old method (off) in some cases, due to bug in old php versions define('BO_NICE_CIRCLES', 2); /*******************************************************************/ /*** Settings for Developers ***/ define('BO_DEBUG', false); //enables PHP error reporting define('BO_LANG_AUTO_ADD', false); //automatically adds missing translations to the locale file if it is writeable ?>[/code]

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