Firmware 9 Beta dispo

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    pour les courageux, il y a une nouvelle version dispo pour les stations red/blue

    voilà ce qui change

    * new: DSP for checking/filtering signals (not functional yet)
    * new: added option to correct the offset in the graph
    * new: option to send debug log to a syslog server IP address (UDP)
    * new: support of u-blox module MAX-M8W (GNSS/SBAS-settings and reset-commands not working yet)
    * improved(?) GNSS init process
    * removed debug code and improved data structures to reduce memory usage (RAM and firmware size)
    * lowered amount of data to reload status page
    * reduced stack size
    * fix: workaround for USB-VCOM not working on PCB 19.4 in case VBUS solder bridge is not closed (BLUE)
    * fix: don't update existing server IP with empty IP address ""
    * fix: remote setting of sample rate not working
    * fix: sending UDP packets to multiple servers
    * fix: no automatic gain changes for RED amplifiers in certain situation
    * fix: timer in debug log twice as fast than normal

    les liens de téléchargements :

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    Je ne sais pas si je suis courageux mais je l'ai installé.

    Pour être complet, Tobias précise :

    The main feature of this firmware - the DSP filter - is not ready yet. The examination of the signals already works (FFT), but there's no function to decide whether a signal is good or not. This will (hopefully) come in the following weeks/months...

    This release is mainly for the new upcoming PCB versions with u-blox GNSS chipsets and for testing all the other small fixes.

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    et de plus Egon travaille aussi, bref ça bricole pas mal et on aura probablement des moments bizarres :shock:

    the warnings concerning the filter frequency refer to future calculations and do not concern to the actual calculations. I am currently adjusting a lot. Please do not set the filter frequency below 25 kHz and not above 250 kHz. With a filtering below 25 kHz, the signal is too much deformed and can therefore not be adapted well concerning the time delay. A filter frequency above 250 kHz makes no sense, since we sample with 500 kHz. I will ask Tobias to adjust the firmware, such that only allowed frequencies can be set in future. Whether we can lower the filter frequency to 20 kHz, has to be tested first.

    et Tobi a aussi fait des changement à distance

    In case the cutoff frequencies where too high or low, the allowed value have just been set remotely for all stations. No user action is needed, that's why we have the remote configuration. Wink

    So far no message will be shown anywhere. The individual settings have not been altered, but y ou should change them too, so you don't get confused between the difference between remote and own settings.

    However, those who have set a very low cutoff frequency due to interference may get more problems now. Then you have to relocate, lower gain etc., but adjusting the filter is not an option here.

    Traduction rapide : si vous avez des filtres sur vos stations Blue, ne pas utiliser pour couper sous les 25kHz ni au dessus 250 kHz, et si pas encore fait dans cette firmware, ce sera impossible dans la future firmware.
    Donc si vous utilisez un filtre hors de cette plage, faudra maintenant soit trouver un lieux plus 'calme' pour les antennes ou jouer avec les gains etc

    bon bidouillage 😄

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    Et bien on va attendre encore un petit peu 😄

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    Le Firmware 9.0 est disponible.

    * new: support of PCB 19.5
    * new: basic support of UBX message format for u-blox MAX-M8W GNSS module
    * fix: messages on status page disappeared after one second
    * fix: limit frequencies for hardware filter to ~300kHz
    * fix: init tracker settings after switching modes

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    trop rapide Joël :lol:

    perso sur ma bleu je suis passé en 9stable sans aucun soucis partant de la 9.0ß1

    bon dimanche

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    Mise à jour faite sans aucun souci.

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    trop rapide Joël :lol:

    J'ai eu de la chance :lol:

    En plus, ce firmware est un petit farceur : je suis passé de PCB 19.1 à 19.3

    Sur le forum .org, un autre utilisateur rapporte être passé de 19.4 à 19.5

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