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    Bonjour tout le monde.

    Une nouvelle version est disponible, la 9.1 [quote]Changelog

    Changes in Firmware for Blitzortung.org RED/BLUE controller. Not all changes/fixes are listed here.

    9.1 (2018-08-08)

    * send some more status information about each signal to server
    * fix: sending control requests too often
    * fix: out of memory when sending too much channels to signal plot
    * fix: showed too high PCB version
    * switched to GCC ARM Embedded 7 2018 q2 toolchain[/quote] Disponible [url=http://tracker.blitzortung.org/firmware//.Firmware_9.1_BLUE.bin]ici[/url]

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    Petite remarque de Tobias à ce sujet ...

    I have to hold 9.1 back because Egons servers still don't understand the new parameters (just a few minor changes)...

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    Alors je vais attendre.

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    Now 9.1 is there. Sorry for the confusion. Everything worked from the beginning, but I wasn't sure.

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