• Hello, toujours sur la liste d'attente depuis 2017, et pour passer le temps durant le confinement voici une petite vidéo pour passer le temps d'un orage particulièrement actif passant au dessus de mon domicile; dès fois pas besoin de faire des bornes pour observer les orages, Bon visionnage à vous !


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    Woahhh  superbe !!!!😨

  • Admin

    effectivement, belle prise ... on voit comme si ça sort 'de rien'

    j'espère que la grêle n'a pas trop cassé des petits plantes ? Merci pour le partage.

  • @bidouilleur

    sorry petite réponse tardive, la grêle à touché les vignes, et les petites fleurs, mais la cellule étant d'intensité modéré, elle n'aura pas fait beaucoup de dégâts. C'est surtout la forte rotation et l'abaissement du nuage mur qui étaient impressionnants. 

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    Bonjour si tu cherches une station, j'ai reçu ce mail de Egon

    Dear prospective prticipant of Blitzortung.org, if you are interested in operating your own lightning detector in our network, then please refer to the attached order list and tell us 1.) which parts do you want, 2.) what payment do you prefere, and 3.) to which address the material should be sent. Then we will send you the payment information and the total price including shipping costs. Please note that we are only a private community of interests and not a company. We only send the detectors to private end users who do lightning location as a leisure activity. We do not sell detectors, antennas or components to commercial companies. To Point 1.) The parts that can be ordered can be found in the attached PDF file. Choose an option or put your system together individually. To Point 2.) We ship all parcels with DHL including tracking for 20 Euro world wide. The weight of the parcel has to be below 2 kg. All options in the order list are packages under 2 kg.   To Point 3.) You can pay by PayPal or bank transfer. When paying with PayPal, the amount increases by a fee of 2.5%. ================ This offer is only valid for the next 14 days. Then we pass on the offer to the next potential participant. You have received this e-mail because your e-mail address was on our reservation list. If you receive this e-mail several times, your e-mail address has been entered several times in our reservation list. You will not receive this email again if your email address is no longer on our list. We do not collect any other data about you. We also do not save the email address used fo rthis email in our system further. Regards and have fun, Egon Wanke (DL1YDB)

    Et voici le fichier pdf qui était joint au mail.

    Blitzortung.org Order List – System Blue - 9. August 2019 Blitzortung.org Order List – System Blue - 9. August 2019 Dear prospective participant of Blitzortung.org, Here you will find the partlist for the construction of a lightning detector kit, which can be ordered from us. The lightning detector „System Blue“ is a kit. Some parts still need to be soldered. You should definitely have some experiences with soldering. If not, the kit should be assembled by friends of you. The boards are shipped with pre-installed firmware. Please update the firmware as soon as possible if a new firmware version is available. For more information about updating the firmware, see the description and the forum. You should try to build your own loop antennas. If you do not have the possibillity to place a coaxial antenna, frame antenna, or loop antenna in your garden you can also use our feritte rod antennas. If you order ferrite rod antennas, please order two. The antennas are mached each other. Two ferrite rod antennas are sufficient. A third ferrite rod antenna is mainly used for experiments or for improving the all-around reception characteristic (3 x 60 degrees). The LTC1569CS8-7 filter ICs are also mainly used for experiments. You should always try it first without filter ICs. Be aware that you will need one filter IC per channel. Since the digital filter ICs are very expensive in Germany, we no longer offer these filter ICs. You can order the them yourself in China, for example at aliexpress.com. The digital filters allow to filter out a noise signal with a frequency of 80 kHz or higher. Such interfering signals often exist near long-wave transmitters. The detector can also be ordered and operated without a housing. Additionally, you need an external GPS antenna (SMA Connector, 3,6 Volt), a 5V USB power supply with mini USB connector, and connection cables. You find further information about the assembly in the following document. https://docs.google.com/docume... Blitzortung.org is a community of volunteers with noncommercial interests. We make no contracts. We design the boards here in Germany and let them prefabricate only with the most necessary SMD parts, so you have it quite easy to build the board completely. We pack the boards into a parcel and ship it to you. We do all this just as a favor, there is no extra charge. Since we are no salesmen, we send no invoices for the material and service (only on occasional exception, if the users will recover the appropriate amount via official channels). We can not enclose the invoices we get from our local vendors, because these invoices are for the parts for several kits. Regards, Egon Wanke DL1YDB