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    Bonjour tous le monde,

    Sur un lien pointe sur le tracker linux d'Andreas Würl. Voici un lien vers le launchpad du projet.


    Il y à possibilité d'ajouter un dépot PPA pour Ubuntu ou Debian. Jusque là pas de problème, mais une fois le tracker installé comment l'utiliser ???

    Merci d'avance pour vos réponses.

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    Bon au final je me répond à moi même. Voici ce que dit le fichier README qui se trouve dans les sources du tracker.
    [code] The Debian Package blitzortung-tracker -------------------------------------- On older systems (prior to Debian Squeeze or Ubuntu 10.4, which do not include the boost math library, data statistics in blitzortung-data is not available, in this case libboost-math-dev is not available and can be omitted from the following commands. The minimum gcc version required is 4.4. To build the package, first install the missing dependencies via > sudo apt-get install debhelper build-essential autotools-dev libtool fakeroot > sudo apt-get install libboost-program-options-dev libboost-date-time-dev libboost-regex-dev libboost-math-dev libcppunit-dev liblog4cpp5-dev libjson0-dev > make -f Makefile.cvs The go to the source package directory blitzortung-tracker to create the package via > dpkg-buildpackage After the successful compilation, you will find a debian package of blitzortung-tracker in the folder which contains the package source directory. You can now install the package via > sudo dpkg -i ../blitzortung-tracker_<version>_<architecture>.deb (the filename depends on the given architecture) After the software is installed, edit the settings file /etc/default/blitzortung-tracker to contain your username/password and the desired baudrate and gps settings. After restarting the tracker-service via > /etc/init.d/blitzortung-tracker restart the new configuration is active. The software should start automatically after a reboot. Building on non Debian/Ubuntu systems ------------------------------------- * Requirements * automake (>= 2.60 ?) * autoconf (>= 1.10 ?) * libtool (>= 1.5 ?) * liblog4cpp5 (>= 1.0 ?) * libcppunit (>= 1.12 ?) * libjson (>= 0.9 ?) * libboost-date-time (>= 1.34 ?) * libboost-regex (>= 1.34 ?) * libboost-program-options (>= 1.34 ?) * libboost-math (>= 1.38) is optional prepare makefiles via > make -f Makefile.cvs build package via > make install via > make install By default the software is installed to /usr/local, other targets can be set by calling > ./configure --prefix=<desired path prefix> after make -f Makefile.cvs. -- Andreas Wuerl <> Mon, 13 Jun 2011 09:32:00 +0200 [/code]

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